- Agriculture Exporter -

PT Medan Alam Sentosa has been doing business of trading fresh agricultural products for export to Asia countries. In 2004 PT Medan Alam Sentosa had pioneered for the Japanese sweet potato cultivation project, where the harvest intended to fulfill market demand in Japan. Along with the development of overseas market demand for agriculture commodities in terms different commodities, example : sweet potato, baby cabbage, round cabbage, long cabbage, petai bean, and other vegetable. the company developed activities for marketing of agriculture products for vegetables and fruits since 2009.

For easy access and control of quality produce PT Medan Alam Sentosa has remain in Dairi, North Sumatra Indonesia, PT Medan Alam Sentosa is located in Medan, thus the quality of product and service is guaranteed.

PT Medan Alam Sentosa had been incorporated with a strong partnership with farmers groups in different region, especially from North of Sumatra Indonesia. With this inplace, the company hopes to bridge farmers and buyers abroad. By having farmers as partners and working as a team, we are able to grow at an exponential rate.


To become the trusted and the biggest supplier of fresh vegetables and fruits for traditional and modern market in Asia.


- Making sure the quality of each item is the best as per exported demand -
- As a grower, for making sure of continuation and good handling process of goods -
- Welfare of local farmer by establishment of partnership with them as supplier support -
- Utilizing of experienced human resources in their field in different products -
- Good coordination with experienced logistic team to ensure goods are delivered on time -


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- Lingkungan 7, Marelan Raya -
- Medan - Sumatera Utara -
- Indonesia -

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- Contact Number : +62-61-6642976 -
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