- Logistic Division -

PT. Medan Alam Sentosa Indonesia is currently expanding its business in the field of logistics. To support this expansion PT.Medan Alam Sentosa Indonesia had been incorporated with Malaysia Airlines Berhad MAB (MASKARGO).

PT. Medan Alam Sentosa Indonesia becomes GSA (General Sales Agent) of Malaysia Airlines Berhad, MAB (MASKARGO) for North Sumatera region which has been effectively operated since November 1, 2016. To support the sales, we had been cooperated with some of the world largest logistic companies, DHL, TNT and Schenker DB.

Maskargo serves cargo shipment services for perishable, general cargo, dangerous goods (DG) and Heavy cargo products to route to various countries, with accurate information system, competitive pricing, complete documents and supported by professional logistic teamworks.


- Maintaining customer satisfaction and trust is our priority -

- Incorporated with Malaysia Airlines Maskargo, we ensure the cargo reach the destination on time with good condition, innovate and always make improvements to maintain good relationship with all our partners -


- To become a trusted air cargo logistics company for all consumers in Indonesia especially in North Sumatera -


- SONY -
- Contact Number : +6281375633424 -

- LIA -
- Contact Number : +6281370308746 -